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Old 03-18-2009, 09:35 PM
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Default New info on Rhino Clutch Springs

First off let me say I am still against clutch kits for Rhinos as a whole, but I have heard from enough people who are duning or hill climbing that say adding a stiffer secondary spring really helps them out.

If you are a trail rider that does not include steep hill climbs or you ride mostly on flat ground then skip the change, only change the roller weights if you have done a piston/cam upgrade.

After doing a piston/cam combo install on my Rhino 700 I realized that lighter roller weights are in order because of two reasons. One the new added torque shoots the stock heavy weights out to quick and basically stalls the motor by shifting too quick so a lighter weight slows this process down and puts the shift speed of the CVT closer to the new peak power point of the engine with the new mods.

I am going to go out on a limb and make what is normally gray, black and white.

If you have a 660 and are a hill climber then buy the orange secondary spring.

If you have a 700 and are a hill climber then buy the gold secondary spring.

If you have modified your 660 buy the 12gr roller weights

If you have modified your 700 then buy the 14gr. weights.

If you didn't modify your engine then don't change the weights, only the spring. A stiffer spring aids in backshifting thus better hill climbing ability.

For those of you who still want to change your 660 or 700 roller weights then we are offering them in 12,14 and 16 gram. I don't recommend this but if you must, we got them.

We are also offering the plastic roller weight covers so you can use these weights in a 700.

In a 660, the weights will come out of the plastic covers but not on a 700 so you must buy the plastic covers as well.

For a complete explanation of the CVT and roller weights go back to the tech articles and scroll down, you will find more than you probably want to know and a couple of videos too.

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